Milne Reacts to Governor’s Budget Proposal
HARRISBURG – Rep. Duane Milne (R-Chester) issued a statement following Gov. Tom Corbett’s annual budget address on Tuesday.

“The governor’s address today serves as a key starting point for a number of debates that are so critical to the future of our state. Once again, the Commonwealth must confront the challenging economic and budget circumstances and we in the Legislature must work with the governor to develop a state budget that both provides essential services to the residents of Pennsylvania, but also shows good stewardship of taxpayer money.

“The Legislature will now take time to analyze the governor’s proposed budget and make any changes we believe to be in the best interest of all citizens in the Commonwealth. As a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I will participate in numerous budget hearings and scrutinize every public tax dollar being spent.
“I am looking to support a budget that appropriately funds the core functions of government and does so in a fiscally responsible manner.

“We can invest well in needed programs and services for Pennsylvania citizens and do so without relying on any new taxes or running up excessive debt.

“The state has numerous critical issues in which it must invest dollars to provide essential services including improving education opportunities, spurring job creation, upgrading our transportation and other infrastructure, and appropriating for health and human services needs. The governor touched on all of these areas in the course of his budget address.

“The governor spent a good bit of time discussing the need for a big boost in funding for our lagging transportation system. While many of the initiatives discussed today do and should require thoughtful debate, the governor and the Legislature must also act expeditiously to ensure that Pennsylvania’s infrastructure is no longer among the worst in the nation.

“The No.1 issue right now is job creation and economic development, both of which demand that Pennsylvania have top-tier transportation and infrastructure systems in place. Such a system is crucial for the public safety of citizens, and for the economic development that provides jobs for our residents. For our state to be a competitor in the 21st century economy, we need 21st century transportation and infrastructure systems in place.

“The Commonwealth also needs to have 21st century funding mechanism for our infrastructure. A system that relies so heavily on taxing the price of gas is becoming outdated as more vehicles move away from traditional fueling methods to electric and other alternatives. Moreover, with vehicles continually increasing their fuel efficiency, the amount of tax dollars traditionally leveraged from the gas tax no longer keeps up with the degree of wear and tear on our infrastructure. We need updated solutions that match the updated automobile fleet driving on our highways and bridges.

“I welcome and look forward to the upcoming debate on the budget over the coming weeks.”

Representative Duane Milne
167th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Eric Smith
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