Quinn Unveils New Program that Seeks Expert Advice on Savings
HARRISBURG – As the Legislature works to restructure state government to save taxpayers’ money, Rep. Marguerite Quinn (R-Bucks) launched a new program, State Employees Achieving Savings (SEAS), during a press conference today that seeks input from government employees on how the state can rein in spending.

“Our dedicated state workers see ways the state can not only cut costs, but also how employees can improve performance. They are in the best position to tell us what efficiencies can be realized to better serve Pennsylvanians,” Quinn said. “Their input could lead to great savings, which would ultimately be passed onto the taxpayers.”

Quinn was flanked by nearly two dozen fellow members of the House of Representatives, including House Appropriations Chairman Stan Saylor (R-York), as she unveiled SEAS, which is through the House Republican Appropriations Committee, and its accompanying webpage, pabudget.com/report.aspx.

Current employees, as well as former state workers, can use the SEAS webpage to submit their ideas, which will then be reviewed and potentially implemented. They can opt to remain anonymous or make themselves available for follow-up information.

“By allowing anonymity, I’m hopeful more employees will be willing to tell us their ideas,” Quinn said. “Additionally, recently retired employees have years, if not decades, of government experience and often have a knowledge of how to improve efficiencies.”

This idea of asking employees for their ideas on how to save money is nothing new. Quinn noted former Gov. Tom Ridge created a similar program, the Improve Management and Cost Control Task Force (IMPACCT), in the 1990s that resulted in $581 million in savings.

Private sector businesses have also sought employee input to save money. In the public sector, governments across the United States, from the federal level down to local municipalities, also undertook such initiatives. These government programs produced real savings and, in some cases, reversed multi-billion dollar state budget deficits.

“No idea is too small when it comes to saving money. Even seemingly small ideas, when multiplied a hundred times, can lead to real cost savings,” Quinn said. “With Pennsylvania facing a large budget deficit, we must do all we can to identify savings and ensure government is working as efficiently as possible.”

To view a recording of the press conference, click here.

Representative Marguerite Quinn
143rd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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