Apr. 13, 2023

Acting Secretary Rick Siger, along with Mike Hanna Jr, Executive Deputy Secretary, testified before the House Appropriations Committee. House Republicans focused their questions on how DCED intends to grow our economy through responsible initiatives training workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow. 

Key Takeaways

As the primary agency responsible for bringing jobs to Pennsylvania, House Republicans believe DCED should be coordinating job training programs with other government agencies as well as private industry and colleges and universities. 
DCED is currently sitting on nearly $100 million in unspent funds from prior budgets spanning back to 2005.  The department needs to create a plan to use this money for its intended purpose or return the money to the General Fund. 
House Republicans believe economic development is a statewide effort and support equity in the department’s resources to include rural areas.  

Notable Q & A

Rep. Marci Mustello asks DCED how it is coordinating its workforce development programs with other state agencies and private industry. 

Rep. Clint Owlett questions DCED on its plans for nearly $100 million in unspent funds from prior fiscal years.  

Full Hearing